Focus Sectors

– Agro Processing

Animal Feed and Fodder: Hay and silage harvesting & conservation

Electronics & Home Appliances

Leather & Leather Products

Precious Stones, Gems & Jewelry Production

Insecticides & Pesticides Production

Essential Oils and Aromas Extraction & Distillation

Anti-Drought & Water Conservation


Waste Management & Processing

Soaps, Cosmetics, Detergents and Disinfectants Formulation & Production

Glass Tiles & Sanitary Ceramics

Fruits and Vegetables Preservation & Processing

Cereals Processing

Spices Processing

Vaccine & Antibiotics Production

Dairy Processing


Bamboo Value Addition & Processing

Herbal Drugs Processing

Pigments and Colors Extraction & Processing


Pulp & Paper

Renewable Energy

IT and ICT

Irrigation Technologies

Textile Technologies

Wood Treatment Procesing Technolgies

Graphic Imaging and Design Technologies

Digital E-commerce Technolgioes

Organic Waste handling and Procesing Technologies in assorted products

Dried, Powder and pacakged vegetable soup prodution technolgies

Mayonnaise Vinegar Production technolgies