Internship Overview


The internship is conceived as a professional learning bridge between the end of preservice professional preparation and the teaching. It is an extended school-based placement in which interns are expected to consolidate their knowledge and experience across all facets taught in the school. This provides an opportunity to further develop their skills for the practical working upon being a qualified graduate.


The interns shall have to prepare a detailed report which shall give a summary, along with detailed information of the business model. Steps / Proposals for making the Rwandan Start-up succeed on a sustainable basis, is the key idea. Besides, there is a strong emphasis on the planning and development of a sequence of activities to be done during the internship tenure.


It is envisaged that the interns shall be expected to have a hands-down approach & understand the business model & share their analysis of making it a sustainable start-up in Rwanda. The technology, which has been innovated in India, needs to be understood & then based on the business plan of the Rwandan Entrepreneur, this needs to be analyzed for making into a successful venture. Inputs on outreach / marketing / awareness, considering the market scenario & similar / related products being sold (competition analysis), shall also be a part of this internship. Currently options are open for working on medical / health sector, as per the below :-

Manufacturing of ~100% Bio-Degradable Sanitary Pads

Mobile Channel for Rural Women on Maternal & Child Health (RMNCH+A) and Behaviour Change Communication Tools / Solutions on MCH and Health

Portable Mobile Lab with Accukine

Tele-ECG Vital Kit


Ranging between 2 ~ 3 weeks since this involves understanding the market / technology / business plan & commercials, thereafter a report of the proposed business analysis.


The Programme Team resides within a safe (& guarded) apartment complex There are renovated apartments (2-Bedroom with lobby & kitchen) available in Kigali & the India-Rwanda Innovation Growth Programme shall arrange these. Charges per night US$50/- per apartment per night basis.


There are ample of restaurants serving various cuisines like Italian / Indian / Chinese / Continental. There is also a choice of eating cooked food within the apartment complex.


Rwanda, in the heart of Africa located in the Eastern part, is a very safe country with secured personnel actively guarding the various parts of Kigali. Besides, Kigali is the cleanest cities in Africa. Many Expats from around the world are living in Kigali since many years.


All US Citizens must obtain a visa upon entry. Tourist visas, valid for 30 days, are available for purchase for US$ 30 at the Kigali International Airport. For details of the documents & other travel requirements please visit the website: Click to visit the website